Tidy Up for Your Pup: Spring Cleaning for Your Pets

By: E. Adrian Foster4371919184_4aa55a6ee2_z

With spring already beginning to show its bloom, it’s natural for us to begin thinking about spring cleaning, decluttering, and redecorating. However, don’t forget Fido’s Feng Shui! We’ve got some tips on how to keep your pup in mind while tidying up the house.

Spring Cleaning

We clean all our most visited spaces: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms. But 4320811707_0a25ed41cb_zwhat about the spaces your dog visits most?

Dog Crate & Bed: Give your dog’s crate base a good wipe down and wash any blankets or beds inside. Most dog beds have a removable cover so take a look and see if there’s a way to unzip the it for easier washing. If not, consider purchasing one from Molly Mutt or making one with this tutorial from Fab You Bliss.

Food & Water Bowls: It’s extremely important to regularly wash your pet’s food and water bowls. Most pet bowls can go in the dishwasher on the top rack or you can hand wash them. It only takes a second and can prevent harmful bacteria and mold build up. NSF International, a public health organization, rated these little containers as the fourth dirtiest spot in our homes!

Poopy Yard: Yes, it’s gross, but cleaning up your pet’s droppings is essential to their health and the health of the environment. From Doody Calls Website:4948377552_d546e48059_z “According the EPA, dog waste is considered non-point source pollution along with herbicides and insecticides, oil, and grease. Roundworm is one of the most common parasites found in dog waste and it can remain infectious in contaminated soil for years.” Not a fan of scooping poop? Consider hiring a pet waste management company to visit your home regularly such as Doody Calls.


We all need to do it, even when we don’t want to. Decluttering isn’t just tossing things into the trash, finding a new home for unwanted items is a wonderful way to prevent contributing to landfills and giving old products new life!

Donate: Have any old e-collars, towels, blankets, or sheets? Make a tax deductible donation to a local animal shelter.

Pay It Forward: Dog toys, collars, leashes, and 6236610894_b72c902201_zun-expired food items might seem disposable to some people but to others they’re pricey items they wish they could provide their pets. Consider posting these items for free on Craigslist or on your local Freecycle group. You’ll be surprised how quickly they get picked up!

Recyclable Dog Bed: Got some old clothes not suitable for donating to Goodwill? Stuff a Molly Mutt dog bed or make your own dog bed case and stuff it with your old rags!


Sometimes all you need is a little change in scenery to brighten Purina Art Projectyour mood. Spruce up your walls and counter tops with these fun doggie art projects!

Make Art with Your Dog: Be sure to use pet safe, non-toxic paint when trying out these fun DIY pet projects!

Treat Your Eyes & Your Dog: Try making a beautiful, fun, new treat jar using this tutorial from My Dog Likes.

Brighten Up Your Walls: Making art not your thing? Consider purchasing original and unique art from Etsy.com artists.

Cleaning up after your pets is an easy way to improve their quality of life as well as yours.

What are your go-to pet clean-up projects? Share in the comments!


One thought on “Tidy Up for Your Pup: Spring Cleaning for Your Pets

  1. Great post – our dog beds could certainly use a cleaning so that is on the list for this week! We will also be sorting through our extra dog goodies to make a donation to our local humane society. Thanks so much for linking to our DIY Treat Jar post!

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