Sister of Fallen Soldier Seeks Pit Bull Friendly Housing to Keep His Dog

Kay recently lost her brother, an Army paratrooper in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, the 82nd Airborne Division. In addition to his sister, he left behind a young wife, three small boys, and three dogs. While his widow would of course love to keep the dogs, it has become very difficult for her to manage them and her three boys while adjusting to a new life full of challenges.

Kay has decided to care for and provide a home one of them, his precious baby girl Mavis.  She tells us that Mavis is a wonderful, beautiful show dog that is extremely well behaved, good with children (even small) and other dogs…but she is also a pit bull, so finding housing that will not discriminate against her has been challenging to say the least.

If you know of a kind heart that wouldn’t mind renting space in the DC metro area to Kay and Mavis (even temporarily), please share her story with them. She does not want to lose the opportunity to keep a little piece of her brother and provide Mavis with the home that she knows her brother would want her to have.

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About Kay:

Kay is a graphic and web designer and manages a career consulting company.  She’s female, 33, and doesn’t smoke, drink or have parties or nonsense where she lives.  If you do, she doesn’t mind – your place, your rules.  She’s told us that she is open to any size living space, a studio, 1 bedroom, basement, shared house, anything – as long as she is able to keep Mavis, and a piece of her brother.  While she’d love to have a yard or patio for Mavis, she also wouldn’t mind taking her to a nearby park every day.

Mavis will also be taking her AKC Canine Good Citizen test with us on November 8th.

If you can help or know of somewhere Mavis will be welcome, please email Kayleene.


10 thoughts on “Sister of Fallen Soldier Seeks Pit Bull Friendly Housing to Keep His Dog

  1. Tamara says:

    I am a landlord, a pit bull owner, and have also lost a loved one to the war. My condo just happens to be coming available! I sent an email to the link above, but wanted to reach out here as well. Please send Kay my information and maybe things will work out!

  2. msphillyg says:

    I recently moved out of that area and I know PG County has a ban on PIt Bull dogs and that is right outside DC but if she doesn’t mind the drive to beautiful Howard county it is a very diverse tolerant crowd but it is pricey. My landlord just wanted to know how many dogs and a security deposit was needed which is standard. I am looking for the same a Pit Bull or just dog friendly place in Delaware to rent until I am ready to buy.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I just emailed you her contact information. Please reach out to her directly about whether she would like to share her personal address (we had used a temporary email for this post). Thank you Dogs on Deployment for all you do!

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