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As always, we recommend the number one way to ensure your pet’s safety year-round is to microchip them. Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance offers Home Again microchipping to all dogs at most of our events. We microchip pit bulls for free & other breeds for a $15 donation.

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Crisp, cool air & luscious foliage is right around the corner!dog-1282862_1280

With the summer season almost at its end, fall will be arriving soon with its own form of dangers for our furry friends. There are some important safety issues to consider & below are some tips from PetLink to keep your dog happy & healthy.


Can others see your dog at night?

Daylight Savings Time means shorter days & longer nights. Make sure your dog is wearing a reflective collar or leash during the dusk & night times while outside so others can easily see them.

Monitor any recent health changesbarbara-de-bordeaux-733297_1280

The change in seasons can bring on skin conditions, breathing issues, aching joints & allergies. If you notice any unusual changes in your dog’s health, seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.

Keep school supplies out of paws reach

Glue sticks, pencils, magic markers, crayons & other supplies are left around the house by school children. Make sure these supplies are secured where your dog can’t access as some are poisonous.

Watch out for ticks!

Problems with ticks & fleas are still prevalent during the fall season. Check your dog after coming indoors & use a flea & tick preventative to keep these pests out of your home.

Be Cautious of Rodent Poisonshalloween-pups

The use of rat & mouse poisons increase during the fall as rodents seek shelter from the cooler temperatures. These poisons are highly toxic &, if ingested, the results could be fatal.

Be Safe this Halloween

Halloween is another holiday when many pets go missing. Kid’s costumes may frighten your dog & there’s plenty of chances to run out of the house with your front door constantly being opened.

Here are some additional tips if any of your pets go missing this fall:

  • Make sure all of your microchipped pets are registered with the dog-921381_1280microchip provider.
  • Call or login to your pet’s microchip account & file a lost pet report.
  • Make sure your phone numbers, email & address are up to date. Login to your account to verify your contact information.
  • Print out a lost pet poster from your microchip account.
  • Put out food, water, animal bedding or an article of clothing where your dog went missing.
  • Go door to door with flyers around the area where your dog went missing.
  • Contact your local vets, animal shelters & animal control facilities to alert them of your missing pet. Send them copies of your lost pet poster to distribute & post in their facilities
  • Utilize your Facebook profile or any other social media outlets to alert your friends & followers that your dog is missing

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