Meet APBA Volunteer Lawrence

The core of Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance is our volunteers. These are people with full-time Final_iconjobs, families, and their own dogs but choose to donate their time to help spread APBA’s message when they can. Each volunteer has their own story so we’re featuring one Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance volunteer each month to highlight their connection to our cause. Thank you to our volunteers, for all you do!

Our Featured Volunteer for July: Lawrence Tuitt

By Lawrence Tuitt

I have a ten year old pit bull named Saki who I’ve Lawrence & Sakihad since she was a puppy. She still has the energy to go on long walks & loves people. I have loved dogs since I was child.  I feel that dogs create communication bridges for human authenticity & balance.  The greatest example of this contribution is in their ability to bring happiness & comfort in a variety of challenging situations without words.  This requires both the human & dog to connect on the same wavelength. I have always been drawn to work with dogs.  So joining Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance was a clear decision after a search to find an organization balanced rescue with community outreach. Lawrence & Paul

The community outreach portion of the APBA mission allows me to directly contribute to human-dog balance. The Ambassadors in Motion Pack Walks bring humans & dogs alike together to move towards the same goals. I scout walk locations, usually Virginia state parks, with Saki. We look for nice wide paths, shaded areas along the walk, & of course, beautiful scenery. Once we find a good location we invite the community out for group walks. The walks can be anywhere between one & three miles long, moderate terrain, & all breeds & training levels are welcome.


By Sean Brennan, Susie Bruckschen, Michelle RiveraLawrence & MP

Lawrence’s initiative & leadership are key contributions to APBA’s success. The last “A” in APBA is “alliance” & Lawrence is a huge part is helping APBA align with other organizations in the area. He has an uncanny ability to help people at events who may be struggling with handling their own dogs. Just by giving them a gentle pointer or two on how to hold the leash differently he can change dog-handling stress into confidence & comfort. He is gifted in his ability to observe both human & dog body language. We are so lucky to have Lawrence a part of Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance & especially as a friend.


One thought on “Meet APBA Volunteer Lawrence

  1. Joan Gillman says:

    Knowing Larry I have seen his talent with people and his love of animals. This group is lucky to have Larry and his extraordinary gifts. I have been enriched by his friendship.

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