Meet APBA Volunteer Phuong

By: Sean Brennan, Susie Bruckschen,  Christina Jones, Michelle Rivera, Adrian Schmitz, Lawrence Tuitt, Kristie Wood, Jessie Zepeda

The core of Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance is our volunteers. These are people with full-time jobs, families, and their own dogs but choose to donate their time to help spread APBA’s message when they can. Each volunteer has their own story so we’re featuring one Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance volunteer each month to highlight their connection to our cause. Thank you to our volunteers, for all you do!

Our Featured Volunteer for June: Phuong Ngo

Our Featured Event for June: Springfield PetFest Saturday June 4, 2016 from 9am-3pm

Phuong Ngo is Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance’s Events Coordinator and our featured Phuong 3volunteer for June! However, instead of writing her own biography, Phuong’s fellow APBA volunteers worked together to share their love and appreciation for who she is as a person and all that she does for the group.

When Phuong joined Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance she was highly respected for her connections and her organizational abilities. Little did we know that she would end up being the big old dollop of glue that holds us all together and keeps us out in the community. She knows everything there is to know about the history of the “breed” we all know and love so well. She and her girls are excellent ambassadors for pitties in general and for APBA in particular.

Phuong is highly passionate about pit bull Phuong 2advocacy and her energy and commitment for APBA is limitless. When she isn’t busy running APBA events she is supporting other rescue initiatives like Rescue Well and Project Mickey. She is artful and her dedication and resourcefulness are essential to the success of the rescue. Her compassion and drive is what makes her shine.

Phuong is a wonderful friend, a strong asset to the animal rescue community, & undeniably the heart of APBA.


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