Debunking the Myths – All Pit Bulls Are Bad (or Good) Dogs

All Pit Bulls are BAD dogs.

Millions of Pit Bull type dogs live with everyday families, raised by responsible owners. They’re intelligent, loyal, highly trainable dogs that make excellent family pets.   Many are natural born athletes whose  strength, courage, and tenacity also make them excellent working, police, and search and rescue dogs.

However, the same wonderful loyalty and eagerness to please that make them great family and therapy dogs, unfortunately makes them a prime target for dogfighting, abuse, and criminals that exploit these traits for nefarious purposes. The irresponsible actions of these individuals have given these dogs a “bad rap” and has lead some areas to adopt Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

“My kids are around Pit Bulls every day. In the ’70s they
blamed Dobermans,
in the ’80s they blamed German shepherds,
in the ’90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull.”

– Cesar Millan 

Millions & Millions of Everyday “Pit Bull” Dog Owners
Credit: Animal Farm Foundation

All Pit Bulls are GOOD dogs.

No dog breed is entirely good or entirely bad.   While it’s true that the overwhelming majority of pit bulls are smart, loyal, highly trainable and make excellent family pets, each dog’s temperament should be evaluated on an an individual basis.  Just as responsible breeders carefully select dogs for stable temperament and other features, it is our responsibility as a rescue to identify those that meet the same stringent requirements. Occasionally, whether it be due to bad breeding, over breeding, neglect, abuse, etc., we identify dogs that would not make good family pets and do not meet the requirements for entrance into our program. However, there are also dogs that overcome incredible odds.  The reality is that there are “bad dogs” of ALL breeds and is important to evaluate each dog as an individual, not based on physical characteristics or generalizations.

Happy Adoptable Pit Bull
Rhino – Available for Adoption

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