Ambassador Pit Bulls: Interview with a Therapy Dog

Kaida is a therapy dog.  She, along with her mom, Phuong, do lots of volunteering together.  As part of our spotlight on breed ambassadors, we interviewed Phuong to find out more about Kaida and the positive impact she is making in our community.

1.  How old was Kaida when you adopted her?
The rescue estimated that she was two years old.

2.  Where did you adopt her from?
I adopted her from an APBT Rescue based in Culpepper, VA.

3.  How old is she now?
She is 5 years young.

4.  When did you know she had the capacity to learn to be the dog she is today?
I actually didn’t. I went to get her CGC and while there, the evaluators suggested that I look into doing therapy work with her. I’ve been into volunteering work since I was in high school, and was immediately intrigued. It was when I brought her to a family event where she would let my 20+ baby cousins climb, pull, tug, and love on her that I realized she was a gem with kids, and set out to certify her.

5.  How long did it take to teach her?
Luckily, the TDI test is a combination of a CGC test and only a couple other items. So since she had already passed her CGC it was only a few months of training to get the rest right.

6.  What is her favorite public service?
She loves working with kids. Her favorites are working with the shy/troubled kids at Camp Fusion every summer ( This year, we were invited to participate in Project Mickey,  in inner city Baltimore where she showed the kids that love, compassion, and responsible ownership was the right way to raise a dog. Not fighting and abusing it.

7.  What is her favorite thing to do in her free time?
Her favorite hobby is to eat, sleep and snuggle =)
8.  Does she have a best doggie friend?
Her best doggie friend is a 9yr old black Sheppard/Lab mix named Mathern. They enjoy getting lost in the woods and causing havoc to squirrels and rabbits!

All of us at APBR love Kaida.  She is a shining example of what an ambassador is.  She changes perceptions about pit bull type dogs every time she meets someone new.  We are lucky that she and her mom are active volunteers with us.

To find out more about the Canine Good Citizen program visit

To find out more about Therapy Dogs International visit


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