Our New Boys Debut at Felix and Oscar Event

We’re excited to announce that APBR has some new Ambassadors!  They made their debuts and quite an impression at our Felix and Oscar event last Saturday.

Pacino and Jessie
Pacino poses with his new foster mom.

Pacino joined us when he was dropped off  to his new foster mom, Jessie, by his shelter foster family.  He’s a handsome boy and immediately stole our hearts.  He was sad to see his first foster family go, but he is quickly settling in at his new foster home.

Pacino was found by a worker in the new construction site at the animal shelter.  It appears he had a rough time before he found his way to us.  He had some lacerations and punctures on his face and around his head, but they have healed nicely.  We don’t know how they got there, but we do know that he hasn’t let that experience get him down.   He has an incredibly sweet disposition and is friendly with both dogs and people.

image courtesy of allenpearsonsphotos.com

Sweet, gentle Lionel is a young pup with an old soul.  His soft fawn-brindle coat and gorgeous eyes are much more magnificent than any picture can accurately show.  He is unbelievably calm for his young  age and loves to meet new people and have a seat on their laps.  He plays nicely with other dogs and calms quickly when playtime is done.

It was another gorgeous day at Felix and Oscar, this time with power!  The customers who came to the store were happy to stop and pet our pups, some even getting down on the ground and pose for pictures of their own!

Big thanks to Diana and the staff at Felix and Oscar for their generosity and hospitality!  We also thank allenpearsonsphotos.com , Dirty Paw Photography, and our friend Stephanie  for coming out and taking pictures!

More photos from this event can be found here.


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