A Plea From a Shelter Evaluator: Stop Breeding Pit Bulls

One of the shelters we work closely with, that we admire for always going above and beyond to adopt out pit bulls, just forwarded us this plea and it nearly brought us to tears. We share their sentiment, their frustration, and the heartbreak of being unable to help.  There is nothing wrong with these dogs, other then there being way too many of them.  We want to help them help their pit bulls – but we can only take as many dogs as we have foster homes.

#296 S'more - I need a foster home.
#296 S’more – I need a foster home.

We adore pit bull type dogs, but it is impossible for shelters and rescue groups to keep up with the influx of these dogs.  In this post are just a few of the real dogs that might not make it past tomorrow.  The shelter has asked us to share this with you and we request that you do the same.  It was written by one of their evaluators:

To all of the people on here that continue to breed pit bulls: No harsh words, obviously that just makes you defensive. No statistics—everyone thinks it won’t happen to their puppies. Just me begging you, please, please stop breeding pit bulls.

#121 Duke - I need a foster.
#121 Duke – I need a foster.

I work at a local shelter and we are currently making our euthanasia list for tomorrow. It is all pit bulls. We are one of the shelters in the area that actually tries our hardest to adopt out pit bulls instead of euthanizing them all on intake. But, sadly, we are often just wasting our time.  Instead we keep them, and try desperately to find homes for them all. We get to know them, and then, heartbroken, we have to euthanize them because there is a flood of even more wonderful pit bulls waiting to come in. And the cycle continues.

#238 Remy - I need a foster.
#238 Remy – I need a foster.

Today, one of my favorites is on the list. I’m trying everything I can think of to find a spot for him. I doubt I’ll succeed. I’ve been trying for 3 months to find him a home with no success. There are just too many pit bulls out there and so few homes that are good for them. So, tomorrow morning, I’ll likely be holding him and telling him what a good boy he is, and how much I love him, as he slips off to his death. There’s nothing “wrong” with him. He’s a sweetheart and gorgeous. He’s less than a year old. He would make someone a fantastic pet. He has just been here the longest, and there are too many of them.

So, please, I’m begging you. If you love pit bulls, stop breeding more dogs born to die.

Thanks for reading.


#139 Tigre - I need a foster.
#139 Tigre – I need a foster.



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