Ambassador Pit Bull Rescue Debut Event!

It was the middle of May and we were still in the middle of the planning phase to get our rescue ball rolling, to let people know that APBR is here and we are on a mission. We were writing up policies, coming up with original content for our web site, working on recruiting volunteers, and working even harder on recruiting foster families so we can pull more dogs out of the shelters. And then we saw it. The advertisement for Springfield Days PetFest. It was scheduled to take place in two weeks, and we decided we had to be there.

For an established group it can be a little hectic to plan for an event like this, but for us it was a mad scramble to get materials printed, shirts made, come up with raffle prizes, and most importantly, coordinate the attendance of volunteers and our available dogs. We are nothing if not determined and we pulled it off!   We had a booth that we could be proud of. Our volunteers worked hard selling raffle tickets to raise money so one of our ambassadogs can have much needed surgery on her ears. And our dogs worked hard at behaving themselves in a very high stress environment. They are true charmers and didn’t disappoint.

It was a long day and we were all tired at the end, but we felt good about our debut event. It went as well as it could have possibly gone and we were proud of our success.

Ruffles waits to greet visitors to our booth
Monica and Minka smile for the camera

For more great pictures of Petfest visit our Facebook page.


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